OPEX Functional Training

Our Three Phase Functional Movement Program is a synchronistic blend of Functional Fitness, Baptiste Power Yoga and Martial Arts. It delivers a level of elite health and fitness that will Up-Lift and Up-Level your life and sport. Our systematic approach is based in high intensity, constantly varied functional movements performed across multiple systems of movement and fitness. OPEX Fitness is individually created and programmed coaching that supports every individual from rehab to life, as well as, sport specific training. You will unleash your potential.

PHASE 1: Assessment

All clients will start off with a consultation with one of your coaches then follow up with an assessment. This means you will do a white board session to lay our and define your Why, Purpose, and your Goals. Then you will complete exercises that provide insight into where you currently sit in the fitness continuum. Basic examples could include a back squat 1 rep max and 5k run. Whatever you are training for, we will use initial metrics to design and build a program that ensures consistent progress.

PHASE 2: Training Assessment

Based upon the results in Assessment 1 your coach will map out a trajectory and create your program. As you complete each day, week, and month we will evaluate your performance to be sure we stay on track. Daily communication is made possible through TheFitBot, so you can ask questions, post videos, and communicate about how the workouts are going all in one place.

PHASE 3: Re-Assess

As time progresses we will periodically re-assess your abilities and your programing. The will tell us how far you have come as well as how well you are prepared for the next phase of training. The continual trading of these metrics and results allow us to see what is working and what did not. This information allows your coach to create a realistic and efficient time line for your continual growth and success. 

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Digital Programs

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