New Year's Resolutions
10 Dec

New Year's Resolutions

So 2020 is just around the corner . . . and where are you with your goals? The holidays are already upon us, and so is the temptation to eat sweets, be lazy, and forget all about all of our health and fitness goals! 

But . . . 

At least there’s New Year’s Day to bring us hope - a new chance, a clean slate and a fresh start on our goals and dreams! So, for now we can just grab that extra slice of cake and not go on that early morning run we’ve been so diligent about, right?

I wish I could say yes, but the science would be hard pressed against me if I did. Unfortunately, as you may or may not have already heard, New Year’s Resolutions don’t really work. 

Research has shown that the majority of people do not succeed past a certain date into the new year - this is generally because people try to make abrupt lifestyle changes that are unrealistic, and because they do not know how to set a proper plan of action that involves proper reward systems. One study has shown that people are more likely to achieve their long-term goals when they receive immediate reward for the steps along the way to those goals. 

So, in order to be successful with a new year’s resolution, or with any long-term lifestyle goal, a person must set a plan of action that involves proper structure and reward systems. 

But how do you know the best plan of action so that you don’t fail or relapse after starting this abrupt journey into a more challenging (and more rewarding) part of your life? 

That’s where we come in - we specialize in developing individualized programming based on where you are in your life as well as where you want to be with your life’s goals. We do not create resolutions, but we will help you to create sustainable, long-term lifestyle goals, and we’ll help you reach them too. 

If you are inspired by the new year to enhance your life, and/or if you are serious about your New Year’s Resolution, talk to us - we will take the steps to create the best plan of action for you to reach all of your health, fitness, and lifestyle goals. We offer bodywork, health and fitness coaching, and are partnered with nutrition coaches, Meg and Austin, from Live ATOP Coaching

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