How to Make Your Health and Fitness Goals Stick After January!
19 Feb

How to Make Your Health and Fitness Goals Stick After January!

How to Make Your Health and Fitness Goals Stick After January: 

January is always a special month. As we usher in the new year, the hope for a brighter future is  high. 

People flock to spas, yoga studios and gyms with a fiery motivation to hit their goals and make this year  different from the last one. 

But this motivation can be tough to sustain. All too often, a couple of months in and the momentum  starts to fade. 

Thankfully you can avoid this, and today we are telling you how to do just that. Here is how to make your  health and fitness goals stick after January. 

The Best Plan is a Consistent One 

It’s the new year, and you are motivated to crush your new health and fitness goals. You sit down and  plan out your weekly therapy and training sessions, walks, and meal plan. But wait a second! Before you  plan out every hour of every day, remember this: the best plan is one you can execute consistently over  time. 

Training and therapy every day in January is a great start, but can you maintain it for 12 months? We  encourage you to create a realistic plan that you can stick to for the whole year. 

Start with a goal that seems too easy, like training twice a week. Then, as you prove your consistency,  you can add more to your day.

Align Your Health and Fitness with Your Priorities 

Next, we recommend that you align your health and fitness with your priorities. 

While it’s nice to have a six-pack come summer, low back pain is gone, look good naked, or be able to  back squat 2x your bodyweight, what are your real priorities in life? 

Do you want to be a role model for your community? Do you want to be physically fit for the challenges  you will face as a parent? Take some time and think about what is actually important to you… 

Then, think about how your fitness goals support these priorities. Developing a solid “why” behind your  goals will make it easier to be consistent and sustainable in the long-term. 

Create a Supportive Lifestyle 

A great way to make all your goals stick past January is to build a lifestyle that supports your health and  fitness goals. 

This lifestyle could include joining a local badass studio and becoming part of the community. You could  commit to making your self-care a top priority, you could substitute your happy hours for walks and hikes  with your friends and choose to eat at restaurants that align with your goals. 

Whatever activity or behavior you choose to include, developing a supportive lifestyle will make it easier  to achieve your goals. 

Hire a Coach 

The best way to make your health and fitness stick past January is to hire a coach. These health and  fitness professionals are not just for high-level athletes or enlightened practitioners, They are a valuable  resource for anyone striving to achieve new health and fitness goals.

Coaches are great for many reasons, but first and foremost, they hold you accountable. Your coach will  check in with you weekly to see how you are doing, see if any obstacles have come up, or see if you  need more of a challenge. 

Further, a coach makes it easy to stick to your health and fitness goals because they reduce the amount  of time and effort required. They tell you what to do and when to do it, taking the guesswork out of  self-care, exercise, behavior, and nutrition. 

So do yourself a favor and find an OPEX Element 6 Coach or Practitioner. Hire a coach and make your  fitness stick around all year!

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