Savannah Steamer
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Savannah Steamer

My name is Savannah Steamer and I am here to help you Celebrate your Strength, Acknowledge your Potential, and Claim your Blessings! I moved to the Boulder area from Columbus, Ohio in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the way of life. Though my athletic background lies in Strength Sports (Competitive Powerlifting and Grip competition), I believe that all people can benefit from some form of strength training. My training resume includes Assistant S&C Coach at one of the best high school athletic programs in Central Ohio, S&C internships under JL Holdsworth and Matt Wenning (firefighter and tactical training), and many years training at the EliteFTS S-3/4 compound with powerlifting legend, Dave Tate. I have trained a wide variety of populations: groups of 50+ JV Football, Varsity and Junior Varsity athletes in almost all traditional sports, military recruits, professional and recreational mountain athletes, competitive trail runners, general populations, and I have gone to multiple fire departments for contracted Strength and Conditioning. My hobbies include climbing, taking care of my hydroponic garden, and being goofy with my 10 year old son, Ender.  

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