Myah Sarles
Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Myah Sarles

This may surprise some - but Myah has not always been the fitness enthusiast you may know.  In fact, growing up in the PNW, her creative artsy side was nurtured much more than her physical. Sure, she snowboarded and played outside daily - but working out felt much more like a chore back then rather than the treat it feels like today. 

Upon moving to CO in 2005, Myah became much more in tune with her body and its capabilities.  Movement quickly became another art form. After attending CU she timidly started Crossfit while living in Breckenridge and attributes this with igniting her passion and love for all things movement. 

These days a combo of Yoga, Creative play, Mt. Biking, Weightlifting, Crossfit-esque type Workouts, Snowboarding and Functional Training make up the bulk of Myah’s physical passions. 

She still loves to create and is currently an artist contributing to Meow Wolf Denver. She is also passionate about food, loves to cook, travel and nerd out on anything health and fitness related. 

Myah is fascinated by the human body and the capabilities we have as humans to shape and sculpt not just what exists on the outside, but what also lies within.  She believes that our emotional, physical and mental bodies are deeply intertwined and that it is a gift to get to discover how so. She is super grateful to get to share her knowledge, as well as continue to learn from others’ at OPEX Element 6. 

CrossFit Certification L1

200hr RYT Yoga Certification

NCSF (National Council Strength and Fitness) Certification

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