OPEX Element 6's Staff

Meet the team that makes it all possible

OPEX Element 6 | Sky Van Horn
Sky Van Horn
Owner & Head Coach

As Owner, Master Coach and Practitioner my Mission-Vision/Core Purpose is to help everyone unleash their greatest self. Through Up-lifting and Up-leveling your health and fitness we bring in the po...

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OPEX Element 6 | Charlie-Mac Drury
Charlie-Mac Drury
Massage & Energy Therapist

As an energy worker and massage therapist at OPEX Element 6, Charlie-Mac works to connect mind, body and spirit through deep relaxation, reiki, myofascial release and sound therapy. C-Mac practices...

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OPEX Element 6 | Myah Sarles
Myah Sarles
Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

This may surprise some - but Myah has not  always been the fitness enthusiast you may know.  In fact, growing up in the PNW, her creative artsy side was nurtured much more than her physical. Sure, ...

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OPEX Element 6 | Ellis Nolan
Ellis Nolan
Executive Assistant

Ellis is our executive assistant! El keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes in addition to connecting directly with the community through different outreach events and social media. El enj...

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