Basic Lifestyle Guidelines
01 Feb

Basic Lifestyle Guidelines

In our system of coaching people in their health and fitness we begin with what we call “Basic  Lifestyle Guidelines,” these are the most important facets of our programming. This really allows us to create sustainability out of the gym, our sport, and hobbies. These are a series of lifelines and tools that allow us to really impact the performance, health, and vitality of our clients’ lives. These are simple things that are common sense that we should be doing but  usually we have deviated due to responsibilities, stress, work, etc. 

It is the simplest of 4 things: 

  1. Balance  
  2. Energy  
  3. Purpose 
  4. Rhythm 

In Balance we have work and rest. We need to find the relationship between these two  throughout the day. Apply it and repeat. 

Energy, sun comes up we have energy. Sun goes down, we should have less energy. Use the  circadian rhythm to the best of our abilities. 

Purpose is giving in to the fact that we are all going to die someday. So being able to align to  what is our highest priority or what is important to us. 

Rhythm, blood flow, fluids in the body, proper digestion, the simple things we overlook, like  how we move our body, how we move things through our body and our ability to recover from  stress and our training. 

Through our comprehensive and intensive consult assessment we will begin this conversation.  Within our 4 major areas of focus we also add these 10 sub areas to bring focus and  mindfulness to help cultivate deeper processes and meaning to our health and fitness  commitment. 

  • Energy 
  • Stress 
  • Breath 
  • Purpose 
  • Sleep 
  • Food Quality 
  • Food Hygiene 
  • Digestion 
  • Hydration 
  • Poop

Welcome to the OPEX E6 Self-Assessment: this is an experience that  directly mirrors our assessment and program design process. This allows you to gain insights to the power of our methodology. 

The Experience begins with the exercise that will help you review your  priorities; in essence “know your why.” This is followed by the OPEX Assessment, namely OPEX BODY, MOVE, and WORK. A deep dive into your nutrition follows and lastly, ten workouts where you will be able to directly experience our key principles firsthand. You don’t have to understand all the principles behind our BODY, MOVE, WORK and PROGRAM DESIGN. This is simply an opportunity to experience each of these pieces and connect the  principles later. 

Know Your Why: The Consult 

Knowing the reasons, you wish to undertake health and fitness is critical to  designing a program that really works perfectly for you. Often these reasons  are unconscious and hidden within the things they find most important. To  uncover your priorities and goals we conduct a 60min initial consultation.  

Some questions we will ask you: 

  1. What’s in your personal space? 
  2. Where do you spend most of your energy? 
  3. Where do you focus the most? Where do you focus your thoughts?  Your emotions 
  4. What goals have you set that show signs of coming true? 
  5. What do you love talking about to others? 
  6. Where are you most organized? 

Reflect on your answers and dig deep into the things you find important that  may be influencing your fitness goals. For example, should you discover that  you love talking to others about themselves, current affairs or your family, it  is likely that these are the things that are really the most important to you.  Consider how you could leverage these priorities to achieve your health and  fitness goals? 

Let me leave you with your daily guidelines that will change your day, your life, your health. 

  1. There are 24hrs in a day; apply work and rest appropriately
  2. You will die one day; get over it and get your ass living 
  3. WATER; ½ of someone’s bodyweight in ounces per day is our  recommended intake 
  4. Regulate the circadian rhythms; go to bed and wake up the same time  every day. 
  5. The earth spins, the sun and moon correlate with our energy patterns;  we only need sun exposure and to sleep with the moon 
  6. Moving blood and proper digestion are ESSENTIAL daily routines. Everything else is just dessert. 
  7. Recovery; blood flow facilitates recovery and healing faster so be sure  to move every day with purpose and intention. 
  8. Digestion; Food is a 36-60hr investment in yourself and your energy, aided by sitting down while you eat and chewing your food well.
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